1/ The customer hereby warrants that any and all the information supplied in the paperwork and payment information is true and correct, and is supplied for the purpose of purchasing and paying for goods requested.

2/ The customer warrants that by using this website and submitting an order that they are duly authorizing the supplier to deduct the appropriate amount from a credit card and execute this agreement.

3/ The customer agrees to adhere to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

4/ Jurisdiction not withstanding any implication of law to the contrary, all contracts between the customer and the supplier shall be deemed to be made and construed and enforceable according to Victorian law and by mutual consent to be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of that State.

5/ The supplier do not accept any claim for non-delivery, shortage in supply or damage occurring in the course of delivery, or for rejects by a customer. The customer is responsible for obtaining insurance for such purposes to insure arrival of goods and to warrant against damage.

6/ In the event that goods are to be returned, a return authorization must first be obtained from the supplier, and the return authourization number included with the return. The customer is reponsible for any and all shipping costs.

7/ The customer hereby acknowledges that the goods supplied by the Supplier shall remain the property of the supplier until the supplier receives payment for same.  The supplier hereby agrees to allow the customer to deal, sell or trade with the goods in the normal course of business and for the customer to retain the sale proceeds providing that the terms of this agreement are met. If the customer defaults on any of the terms of this agreement including the payment of moneys due under this agreement, then the supplier shall have the right to retake possession (without notice) of the goods supplied to the customer. The customer hereby authorises the supplier and his/her agent, representative, servant or employee to enter the premises upon which the goods are housed or stored for the purposes of retaking possession of the same and the supplier shall not be liable for any costs, losses, damages or any other moneys or losses suffered by the customer as a result of the supplier retaking possession of the goods.  Goods remain the property of the supplier until paid in full.

8/ These customers of sale shall exclude, limit restrict or modify the rights, entitlements and remedies conferred upon the Customer the liabilities imposed upon the supplier by any condition or warranty by a Commonwealth, State or Territory Act or Ordinance rendering void or prohibiting such exclusion, limitation restriction or modification.

9/ Change of ownership shall be advised no later than 14 days prior to any proposed changes or ownership, change in registered particulars, alteration, addition to the share holding or Directorship.

10/The customer understands that any information supplied to the supplier may be given to a credit reporting agency, which may include particulars that identify the customer.

11/  The customer agrees that they realize that shipping costs vary with size of item and area of delivery. Costs may not always be exactly as quoted but all care will be taken to allow costs to be equal to or as close to as possible the quoted freight cost for larger items. These variations in costs apply only to larger items such as kayaks, and areas outside capital cities, where normal freight deliveries do not occur. 

12/ The customer realizes that the shipping times/ delivery time will not always be exactly as quoted and quoted delivery times are a guide only.

I/we agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of sales of the supplierthe company) as published from time to time.  I/we understand that credit facilities may be withdrawn without notice on past due accounts at the company's discretion.  I/we authorise the company to contact the companies or individuals given as references in this credit application to obtain information from them about me/us to assist in the processing of this application for a credit facility.