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Mission Kayaking denotes not just the best experience on the water, but the journey to, the kitting up, the adventure along the way and the joy, achievement and/or solitude found at the journey’s end.

It is both the journey and the destination.

Mission planned, enjoyed and accomplished. It’s an incredibly strong name, suggesting the zest and zeal that paddlers share, regardless of their chosen type of water. But it has a softer and more meditative quality that counterbalances its initial sense of energy and motion. Its sibilant hushed double ‘s’ evokes a quiet peace, the kayak stilled, the ‘pilgrim’ awed by the beauty and tranquillity of the setting he or she has found, or the moment of unnameable joy at the end of a wild ride

At Mission Kayaks we care about creating the best for our customers: the safest and best experience on the water, the best range of boats and accessories that suit the purpose they’re used for.

We’re committed to keep making our boats better: continually evolving the design and its detailing, exploring ways to make exploring water better, safer, more fun.

We are a friendly, diverse and spread out community of paddlers: serious, exploring, risk taking, fun loving people, who love being out on the water.

Mission Kayaks pay careful attention to detail and everything is carefully and thoughtfully crafted. From the length of a paddle to the curve on a kayak, each detail is thought through in order to see how it can best support the paddler and keep him or her safe.

We’re doing our bit for the environment: we take dirty old by-product of petrol and we turn it into a thing that lasts a lifetime.

For more information and specifications on Mission Kayaks click on the product index to the left or visit the Mission Kayaking website at  www.missionkayaking.com or call into our Gold Coast Kayak shop. KayakSports 3/37 Township Drive  Burleigh Heads  Gold Coast Qld  4220 (exit 89 off M1)

Mission Kayak range at Kayak Sports:

Mission Sit on Top Kayaks Squirt, Flow, Surge, Catch 390, Xstream 420

Mission Fishing Kayaks Catch 390, Catch 420, Line 280, Squirt

Mission Sea Kayaks Eco Bezhig

Mission Touring Kayaks Contour 450, Contour 480, Contour 490 Tandem

Mission Recreational Kayaks Access 280