Jackson Kayak

Jackson Kayak was born in October of 2003. Jackson Kayak is a family owned business, dedicated to making paddling better for everyone. Established by Eric Jackson, co-founder along with Tony Lunt,  David Knight and Eric Jackson "EJ"  design the kayaks together and have been doing so since 1994.



Jackson Kayak is a full service kayak company, opening up our products to the flatwater paddlers with the All-Water, Day Trippers, and Journey’s in 2009. This is just another step to bring the Jackson Kayak flavor and dedication to making paddling a lifestyle, not a commodity. With manufacturers moving to China, and going for cheap labor instead of dedicated paddlers with years of experience and skills in making boats under the JK motto: “Build it like it is yours”. We can certainly put our boats up for the most intense inspection and you will find workmanship in every corner, every trim job, and every piece of assembly.

Jackson Kayaks have been world leaders in the design and manufacture of whitewater/ recreational kayaks for a number of years and now have their new models available in Australia.

Check out the Jackson Kayak 2010 Fun series, 2010 Star series, the new DayTrippers and the AllWater Kayaks plus many more new models and old favorites.

For more information and specifications on Jackson Kayaks click on the product index to the left or visit the Jackson Kayak website at  www.jacksonkayak.com  or call into our Gold Coast Kayak shop. KayakSports 3/37 Township Drive  Burleigh Heads  Gold Coast Qld  4220 (exit 89 off M1)

The Jackson Kayak range at Kayak Sports:

Jackson Whitewater kayaks Fun series, Star series, Rocker series

Jackson Recreational kayaks AllWater 9, AllWater 10, Day Tripper 10, Day Tripper 12

Jackson Fishing Kayaks Day Tripper 10, Day Tripper 12