Dagger Kayaks
Dagger Kayaks is one of the leading kayak manufacturers in the world. With a huge range of product from calm water to whitewater to sea kayaking and everything in between. There is a Dagger Kayak for you.

Those that know kayaking know Dagger Kayaks. Our goal is to represent everything that’s great about getting on the water, from the technical aspects of rec and touring to the pure rush of whitewater.

This shows in the variety of people that are proud to call Dagger Kayaks home, and our wide-ranging product line. From the mountains to the sea, you’ll see us around, always pushing to master moving water better than the day before.

We’re a kayak company that started in a small shop with a dirt room floor. A few paddling buddies working tirelessly to kickoff a young paddling industry doing what they loved. Look at us today, and we are proud we haven’t really changed a heck of a lot from those core principles. The faces are different, and the family is growing, but it’s still just a group of people who love to paddle and build boats that others love to paddle.

Today, Dagger kayaks provides the best quality for the money you’ll find anywhere. All of our products are put through the ultimate test known to man – approval by Team Dagger, who boasts well known names such as Tao Berman, Brad Ludden, and Andrew Holcombe. Dagger owners know that their kayak didn’t go into production until it met the standards of our amazing design team, and took the beating of a lifetime by our team paddlers.


There’s a lot that goes into every Dagger kayak design, not the least of which is living up to our heritage of innovative performance and quality. The truth is, most kayak companies make at least one great kayak, but what sets Dagger apart is offering best-in-class leaders that master every type of moving water from the mountains to the sea.

Team Tested Design.

A truly great kayak design that gets people excited to paddle requires an understanding of the space between a drawing board sketch and a hull meeting the water. Our integrated R&D process ensures the final product meets both the standards of the design team and passes the punishment of Team Dagger. This performance mindset inspires the entire line from whitewater to recreational and touring kayaks. With a history of record-breaking first descents and a growing tower of competition trophies and medals, Team Tested approval doesn’t come easy. We’ve got some scars to prove it. Most importantly, no design gets the Dagger stamp unless it’s worth telling unforgettable stories about for years to come.

Paddler Proven.

Whatever your skill level, and whatever the challenge, there’s a Dagger Whitewater series that keeps up with your drive. From a renowned design and champion paddling team behind every model, it’s no wonder that when records are broken or descents are achieved the first time, you’ll usually find a Dagger. These are the top performing boats in freestyle, river running, or creeking, and the top performing boats in all those things you do that don’t fit into a nice little category.

From the Mountains to the Sea.

Kayak Sports is the exclusive retailer of Dagger Kayaks on the Gold Coast.

For more information and specifications on Dagger Kayaks and canoes click on the product index to the left or visit the Dagger Kayaks website at  www.dagger.com.au or call into our Gold Coast Kayak shop Kayak Sports 3/37 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast Qld 4220 (exit 89 off M1)

The Dagger Kayak and Canoe range at Kayak Sports:

Dagger Sea Kayaks  Cortez, Coorong, Exodus, Charleston 14, Charleston 15

Dagger Touring Kayaks  Discovery 13, Discovery 15,

Dagger Recreational sit in kayaks  Drifter, Drifter 10.1, Drifter Tandem, Zydeco, Blackwater, Blackwater Tandem, Echo

Dagger/Toyz Sit on Top Kayaks  Hula, Safari, Voyager, Voyager Tandem, Cayman, Ventura

Dagger Fishing Kayaks Sit on Tops Safari F, Voyager F, Cayman F, Ventura F,

Dagger Fishing Kayaks sit in kayaks Drifter, Drifter 10.1, Discovery 13, Discovery 15, Echo

Dagger/Toyz Canoes Rover