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DragoRossi Whitewater Kayaks

Best Whitewater Kayaks on the Market

Innovative  design, great technology - designed by world champion Coran Addison- you can't ask for more!

Dragorossi has an whole line of kayaks. Everything from easy-to-understand playboats to the most confidence inspiring creekers are all part of the Dragorossi line.
As with any industry, our most “advanced” and “technological” designs are not our big sellers, but they are in many ways the most rewarding designs because their development was so much fun. But, we are equally proud of our more commercial designs because even these have our special touch that makes them uniquely Dragorossi.
We have not tried to create a massive line of kayaks, but rather a very researched and unique line, each boat bringing something special to its intended use.
As with any kayak, our intent for a designs use may not be what every paddler wants to use it for, and because of this we have taken great pains to make them as multi-purpose as possible. One mans river runner is another mans extreme creeker, and we know this so we have to allow for this in our development.
So just because we say a kayak is for a specific intended purpose, or weight range, or style, does not mean that this is its only use, or only weight range. You may well be far outside a given “intended use” or “specific weight range” and find that the boat is just perfect for you, and how you want to use it. So read what we say here with a pinch of salt, find a demo boat and give one a try, and find out for yourself what makes your paddling more fun for you. Remember, the goal is always to have fun!
HDTP - All Dragorossi kayaks are made from our proprietary plastic HDTP. With HDTP we are able to offer you the stiffness or a blow-molded kayak, and the impact resistance of crosslink without either limiting our ability to mold complex shapes, or using materials which are hazardous to the workers.

Delivery could take up to 10 weeks.

For more info on Drago Rossi whitewater kayaks visit  or call into our Gold Coast Kayak shop.

Purchase your Drago Rossi whitewater Kayak and accessories online here or call into our Gold Coast Kayak Shop: Kayak Sports 3/37 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads, Qld, 4220 (exit 89 off M1)

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Drago Rossi Stinger

Stinger whitewater kayak
The Stinger is truly a Jack-of-all-trades design. There simply are no other kayaks out there that let you to go creeking on Friday, win a rodeo on Saturday, and teach a novice to paddle in on Sunday.

Length 6'4", Width 25.25", Depth 13", Vol: 57gal

Drago Rossi Pintail

Pintail – whitewater kayak
The Pintail stands alone as a remarkable river runner with unmatched play ability. Fast and sleek, it’ll make lines down hard rapids effortlessly; carving into eddies with precision. The Pintails highly rockered bow serves to deliver a dry ride, and ramps it over everything in its path. It also makes for effortless surfing.

Length 7'4", width 24.75", depth 12", Vol 56 gal

Drago Rossi Critical Mass

Critical Mass – whitewater kayak

The Critical Mass is a breakthrough in modern creek boat design, creating perfect synergy between two basic creek boat concepts. The first: a creek boat should be impossibly easy to paddle. It should turn on a dime with no more than a flick of a paddle blade. It should boof over anything, without you having to think about it, and skip over the worst the river has to throw at you. The second: a creek kayak should hold its line through pushy water and have the length needed to clear the gaps over the largest meanest holes. It should have the longitudinal stability to punch through the holes it can’t ramp over.

Drago Rossi Fish


Fish – whitewater surf kayak

The Fish is celebrated as one of the most versatile play boats in the world today. If you’re the kind of paddler looking for a kayak that is equally at home on small waves or huge ones, little holes or giant ones, this is the boat for you. The Fish is easily the fastest freestyle kayak on the market, opening many more doors to fun on the river. Its ability to perform all the latest freestyle tricks is second to none.
There are good wave boats out there, and there are good hole boats out there, but there were no really great wave/hole boats out there... until now!

length 6'6", width 25", depth 12.5", vol 56gal