Stealth Racing Skis
Looking for some speed on the water? Come in and discuss your needs, we may have a Stealth racing ski or tourer perfect for you.

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Stealth JUNYA $1600

Stealth Junya ski At just 4.35m and weighing only 15kg, this is the ultimate kayak for the junior paddler or lightweight adult. Much easier to manage both on and off the water than longer craft.
Length 4.35m, Width 49cm, Weight 15kg, Capacity 65kg

Stealth ADVENTURA $1935

Length 4.38m, Width 46cm, Weight 17kg, Capacity 120kg

Stealth TOURA $2140

Stealth Toura Ski
Length 5.80m, Width 54cm, Weight 21kg, Capacity 140kg

Stealth STRIKA $1950

Stealth Strike ski
Length 5.93m, Width 48cm, Weight 16kg, Capacity 116kg

Stealth ENVY

Stealth Envy Ski
Length 6.40m, Width 44cm, Weight 17kg, Capacity 110kg

New Stealth Splash $2160



The Stealth Splash kayak is a new product from the well known Stealth Kayak stable. This is a sit on top kayak with an extremely efficient hull with a good glide and speed suited to both offshore conditions as well as estuaries and rivers. The Stealth Splash kayak beam is at 660mm with a length of 4.7m.

Stealth Splash Kayak weight is at 17.5kg. There is a protected rudder system with fully adjustable pedals. There is a small key hatch between your legs and a larger storage hatch in front for touring.

The Stealth Splash kayak is extremely stable and at the light weight can easily be loaded and unloaded for transport by one person.

The Stealth Splash Kayak can be used for kayak fishing with the addition of rod holders and a fish bag in the space provided behind the paddler. The process of manufacture is Resin infusion with composite materials.

  • Improved hull for greater speed and relaxed paddling
  • stronger yet lighter construction
  • excellent manouverability
  • small cockpit key hatch
  • large storage front hatch
  • conforms to international safety standards
  • 4x carry handles
  • elastic webbing for storage
  • rudder and sterring system
  • bouyancy compliant
  • rod loop
  • paddle elastic and protective rubber
  • 2x drain holes
  • external rear storage indent
  • great for recreation and touring
  • novice to experienced paddler up to 120kg

Length 4.7m, Width 66cm, Weight 17.5kg, Angler Capacity 120kg