Stealth Fishing Kayaks

New to KayakSports are the Stealth Fishing Kayaks  - Call into our Gold Coast store to learn more about these excellent craft.

Kayak Sports is the home of kayak fishing on the Gold Coast and can give the best advice on which fishing kayak is right for you. We stock a wide selection of fishing kayaks including the full Stealth Fishing Kayak range. 


Stealth is South Africas leading fishing and recreational kayak manufacturer.

For more info on stealth fishing kayaks visit www.stealthkayakfishing.co.za or call into our Gold Coast Kayak Shop, Kayak Sports 3/37 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads Gold Coast Queensland 4220 (exit 89 off M1)


Stealth SUPALITE $1650


The new Supalite 2010 is the advancement of many features and is the future of kayak fishing, a constantly evolving design and many updates from previous models its that closer to perfection.

Length: 4m, Width: 62cm, Weight: 23kg, Angler Capacity 95kg,

Stealth SUPALITE X $1750


The Supalite X 2010 is the advancement of the Supalite range striving for the ultimate fishing craft for the heavier angler, and is more stable then its predecessor. It's also the perfect upgrade for those who are proficient in the use of the standard Supalite 2010.

Length 4.3m, Width 63cm, Weight 25kg, Angler Capacity 125kg

Stealth BFS $1850

No matter what the BFS stands for, this Big Fast Ski is designed for max speed yet great stability. It's longer length makes it an ideal craft for pulling lures. The ski also accommodates bigger pay loads. It's the granddaddy of the Supalite range, and although its still light, its not to be taken lightly!

Length 4.7m, Width 67cm, Weight 28kg, Angler Capacity 145kg

Stealth EVOLUTION 430 $2050

The Evolution 430, 465 and 495 are up and running. Extreme testing has taken place on this new product Range. We have taken the Stealth range beyond the tried and tested surf launch craft.
Length 4.3m, Width 63cm, Weight 23kg, Angler Capacity 90kg

Stealth EVOLUTION 465 $2300


These Evolution kayaks are not designed to replace the existing successful Supalite & BFS, but to complement the range. Faster means less effort and higher lure speeds, a little more technical in the surf but a whole lot quicker. The peddle system is fully adjustable. Another new feature for South African Fishing ski's.

Length 4.65m, Width 66cm, Weight 27kg, Angler Capacity 120kg

Stealth EVOLUTION 495 $2550

These craft have been computer designed using Rhino Software, CNC cut from foam, and moulds made from epoxy and fibreglass
Length 4.95m, Width 69cm, Weight 29kg, Angler Capacity 140kg

New Stealth Splash $2160



The Stealth Splash kayak is a new product from the well known Stealth Kayak stable. This is a sit on top kayak with an extremely efficient hull with a good glide and speed suited to both offshore conditions as well as estuaries and rivers. The Stealth Splash kayak beam is at 660mm with a length of 4.7m.

Stealth Splash Kayak weight is at 17.5kg. There is a protected rudder system with fully adjustable pedals. There is a small key hatch between your legs and a larger storage hatch in front for touring.

The Stealth Splash kayak is extremely stable and at the light weight can easily be loaded and unloaded for transport by one person.

The Stealth Splash Kayak can be used for kayak fishing with the addition of rod holders and a fish bag in the space provided behind the paddler. The process of manufacture is Resin infusion with composite materials.

  • Improved hull for greater speed and relaxed paddling
  • stronger yet lighter construction
  • excellent manouverability
  • small cockpit key hatch
  • large storage front hatch
  • conforms to international safety standards
  • 4x carry handles
  • elastic webbing for storage
  • rudder and sterring system
  • bouyancy compliant
  • rod loop
  • paddle elastic and protective rubber
  • 2x drain holes
  • external rear storage indent
  • great for recreation and touring
  • novice to experienced paddler up to 120kg

Length 4.7m, Width 66cm, Weight 17.5kg, Angler Capacity 120kg