Feelfree Fishing Kayaks

The Feelfree line of kayaks has become one of the most sought-after and affordable watercraft for paddlers throughout the Asia Pacific region, the United States, U.K., Germany, Spain, Croatia, Australia and New Zealand, Chile, and many other parts of the world. Our boats are in demand because they are easy to learn, attractive, perform well, and last for years. But more than anything else, Feelfree kayaks are fun!

Kayak Sports is the home of kayak fishing on the Gold Coast and can give the best advice on which fishing kayak is right for you. We stock a wide selection of fishing kayaks including the full Feelfree Fishing Kayak range. 

Available only in our Gold Coast Kayak Shop Kayak Sports 3/37 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast Queensland, 4220 (exit 89 off M1).


Feelfree Moken 10 Fishing Kayak $1165

Feelfree Kayaks sit on top fishing kayaks are fast becoming the kayak of choice for kayak fishermen. When you think more about the full experience you will realize you have to lift your kayak on and off the vehicle and then get it to the water; the Moken 10 has BIG moulded grab handles and a wheel in the keel. On water the Moken 10 is comfortable, easy to paddle, incredibly stable and packed with features to make the kayak fishing experience fully enjoyable.
Length 320cm, Width 89cm, Weight 29kg, Capacity 200kg

Feelfree Moken 12 fishing kayak $1310


Feelfree kayaks introduce the new Moken12. Innovative features, ergonomic design, comfortable molded seat, big room fish storage, designed for the fisherman, built in rod holders, front storage locker, center console, rear storage deck, easy to add many extras GPS and fish finder, double action rod holders, Dry bag storage, extra fishing rods and gear. The all new Moken12 is everything you ever thought about in a fishing kayak.

Built for the fisherman, 4 x rod holders, front storage locker, centre console, rear storage, molded handle, paddle park, wheel in keel

Length 3.79m, Width 74cm, Weight 27kg, Capacity 180kg

Feelfree Moken 13 fishing kayak $1445


Moken 13 sit on top kayak. The Feel Free Moken 13 fishing kayak has been designed for the avid paddler wishing to do a little bit of diving, fishing and overall exploring.The Moken 13 fishing kayak has ample storage, it allows for you to kayak anywhere you desire.

Ultimate fishing kayak, bow storage locker, flip up centre console, moulded in handles, flip top rudder, pedal steering, centre hatch, 4 x rod holders

Length 3.9m, Width 78cm, Weight 30kg, Capacity 180kg

New Feelfree Nomad sit on top kayak $899

Feel Free Kayaks: The Nomad Kayak will make you smile. Stable, easy to turn, forgiving and easy to transport. The Nomad Kayak is so cleverly designed it almost paddles itself. You can take your Nomad Kayak on rivers, lakes, a dream for surf and whitewater addicts.

Features: seat with gear pouch , self draining cockpit , water bottle holder, side paddle park, 2 x rod holders, moulded carry handles, wheel in keel.

Length 3m, Width 78cm, Weight 20kg, Capacity 150kg

Feelfree Move sit on top kayak $799


Feelfree kayaks: The new Move sit on top Kayak is sleek, comfortable,portable and has the perfect blend of performance and simplicity, making the Move kayak the perfect choice for family and friends. The Move kayak can easily be transported with the new wheel in the keel, or carry with the innovative moulded in handles, to your favourite river, lake,or surf beach. This new innovative designed Move Kayak is now even more user friendly.

Features: Innovative moulded in handles , Comfortable seat with storage pocket , storage with gear straps Kayak drink bottle holder , New Wheel in the Keel , New Fishing rod holders included

Length 2.7m, Width 74cm, Weight 19kg, Capacity 110kg

Feelfree Gemini Tandem sit on top kayak $1220

Gemini double sit on top kayak. Feelfree kayaks: "Fast and Fun for two" this boat is truly an all round performer whether you are out for a day exploring, snorkeling, fishing or just having fun with the family. The extra length to carry two people plus child space in a center position gives this kayak a comfortable seaworthy nature and paddling performance all in one package.
After a long day exploring the bay the new Gemini is easy to move from water to the land with the new wheel in the keel feature. Enjoy many other new features on this second generation time tested design.

Features: Drinking bottle holder , 2 durable round rubber hatch in front of each seat , Two fishing rod holders, moulded carry handle, wheel in the keel.

Length 3.9m, Width 82cm, Weight 26kg, Capacity 250kg

Feelfree Corona Tandem sit on top kayak $1220

Feelfree kayaks: The Corona 2x1 person sit on top kayak from Feelfree.

Comfortable stable and fun are three words to best describe the Corona kayak The Corona kayak was designed for family or freinds who want to enjoy a variety water in an affordable way. The Corona was specially designed for two paddling styles it can carry two paddlers plus one in the middle with cosy leg room or enjoy single paddling in the middle seat position.The Corona is an extremely stable, maneuverable, with excellent tracking. The front V handle and moulded in handles plus the wheel in keel make it easier and more comfortable to transport.

Features: moulded carry handle, 2 x fishing rod holders, wheel in the keel

Length 4.3m, Width 83cm, Weight 31kg, Capacity 280kg