Feather Paddles

Feather Paddles as light as a feather.

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Feather Paddles have been hand crafted using a pressure moulding system incorporating high performance pre-impregnated composite materials similar to those used in the aerospace industry. These include both carbon and glass composites and other hybrid woven materials. Feather Paddles also include a double layer tip and a reinforced uni-directional spine.

Each layer of material is precut and then carefully hand laid into the mould. The layup and layering combination give optimum strength, stiffness and lightness resulting in your own had crafted Feather Paddle. Feather Paddles have been building lightweight paddles for over 3 decades. Feather Paddles processes ensure your paddle will be strong and feel as light as a feather.

Feather paddles offer the best swing weight which help reduce tiredness and fatigue are are evenly balanced with feather light blades.

For more information and specifications click on the product index to the left or visit the Feather Paddles website at  www.featherpaddles.com.au or call into our Gold Coast Kayak shop. KayakSports 3/37 Township Drive  Burleigh Heads  Gold Coast Qld  4220 (exit 89 off M1)


Product of the Month

Feather Paddles Spoonbill paddle

Feather Paddles' revolutionary Spoonbill paddle, moulded in a carbon graphite structure with a foam core, created to incorporate the excellent grip and forward propulsion of a wing paddle, but without the unpredictability when bracing or sculling. The spoon like blade centres the paddlers efforts with the shaft and locks the blade in the water eliminating any flutter.

Because of this, the blade has a definite sweet spot. To find this simply hold the paddle very lightly in two fingers and take a stroke. The blade will centre itself and take the correct position. The entry of the blade is thin for easy entry, while the back is smooth and contoured to minimize lifting water on exit.

Two piece adjustable shaft with Quiklok.

Blade size: 17 x 46cm

Weight: with Quiklok 930gm