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Dragorossi is the kayak brand that has sprung from the sum cumulation of Corran Addisons last 20 years of kayak designing. Dragorossi is not supposed to be a mainstream brand that supplies designs that look and feel like everyone else's kayaks. We wanted to create a truly unique line of kayaks for paddlers looking for designs that have that special touch - fun, friendly but different.

That does not mean we design kayaks for experts and pro’s. Sure, we have those too, but the reality is that the majority of Dragorossi paddlers are normal paddlers, with normal skills and normal lives. They work, have commitments and have far too little time to paddle. So our designs must be fun, easy, forgiving, predictable, and did we mention fun? Our goal is to deliver all this while also being unique and exciting - even challenging

Designs like the Squashtail, Mafia and Fish are out there. High end shapes, requiring advanced skill sets to make them really work. The Critical Mass is on the opposite end of the spectrum - a design so impossibly easy and so targeted towards making the hardest river runs possible and safe, that it’s almost “too easy” for most people on most rivers: if it makes class 5 feel like class 4, then that almost makes class 3 so easy it’s boring!
So it’s our mid range designs like the new Mad Boy and the tried and proven Pintail and Thruster that have most people excited. Boats that your average paddler can take to average rivers and have a superb time. Just because you’re not dropping 100ft drops or doing 4-stage linked air moves does not mean you want to be bored by your kayak, and thats what Drago Rossi is really all about.

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